A portal to CT Scans of Vertebrates
Featuring Adam Summers Project #ScanAllFishes
Current number of CT-Scans: 5902

Adam Summers from the Friday Harbor Labs at the University of Washington has made it possible that a large number of CT scans of primarily fishes is available for the scientific community. The dissemination of such material is difficult for two reasons. First, producers often reserve copyrights to their material. Second, datasets are frequently in the range of GigaBytes and to view these data requires download times of hours and special programs and conversion before such datasets can be inspected.

This Website allows to preview image stacks, 3D-Projections and surface reconstructions of CT-Scans. It offers also the download of full resolution image stacks (JPEG compressed).

The web portal is currently in its first days of existence and we will rapidly add more data. Please check in from time to time. For questions and suggestions, please contact:

Michael Hofmann
Department of Comparative Neuroanatomy
University of Bonn, Germany
Email: mhofmann@uni-bonn.de