CT-Collection (6625 scans)

New Feature Added!!
You can now Zoom into highest resolution

With the new Zoom tool you can select a point in the scan and zoom into the highest resolution of the scan !
In A, a normal preview scan is shown. In B, a high-resolution subscan is shown. With the Virtual Dissection tool, you can even look into the interior of the vertebrae (C). Not all scans have high resolution, but most of them allow to zoom into any region you want!.
Please see the instruction on the Volume Viewer page for the individual items.

To try it out, select 'Examples' from the list on the left and click the 'CT' button of one of the items shown.

If you have questions about the new feature, please write me:

Michael Hofmann
Department of Comparative Neuroanatomy
University of Bonn, Germany
Email: mhofmann@uni-bonn.de